November 26, 2022

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Basics of Interior Designing

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Interior designing is not limited to decorating the room with furniture and frames. It is more than this. It is a profession which deals with designing the room according to space planning, architecture and furniture. It is interior decorator who decorates the room on the basis of space appearance and aesthetics. Interior designing is a field of study. An interior designer requires formal training to be able to give a new look to a place on the basis of logic and science of planning. Whereas interior decoration is a part of interior designing. A person needs a course to become successful interior decorator.

Interior designing has certain basics which is needed to follow every time while designing the room. Some of the basics which you are required to follow are:

  • Style: First and foremost principle is style that which style your client wants: casual or tradition. Casual is simple yet modish but traditional have choices that includes French country, Modern art or Tuscan or Victorian style.
  • Balance: Balance is that how will you give the desired style to the room whether symmetrically or asymmetrically. Traditional styles are given via symmetrical balance and casualness is added via asymmetrical balance.
  • Colours: Color scheme is the core of designing. A designer can plan different color schemes for each room or he or she can plan to craft the room on a single color scheme. But decide the scheme according to the size of the room. Big rooms can be painted with bright or dark colors but small rooms would look smaller if they are designed on dark colours.
  • Patterns: Patterns can be mixed to give royal look but they all needed to enhance the beauty of each other to result in better place.
  • Focal point: Focal point is the centre of the room or place that can glue the eyes of everyone. Like a frame or dining table can create the focal point in the lounge or a room where any of them are placed. All villa interior designs in Dubai have focal points where furniture is either gathered or outstanding frames are hanged.

So,  these are few basic which a designer need to remember if he wants work in villa interior design companies in Dubai or any other place in the world successfully.