November 26, 2022

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5 Things Your Office Pantry Should Have

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Your office pantry is one place your employees can relax and enjoy their food. Hence, you need to ensure that they have everything they need to enjoy the “me” time in the office. You need to equip your pantry with amenities and features that would make them feel like they are at home.

If you plan on overhauling your office pantry, be sure that you put these pantry supplies in the space:

  1. Coffee machine

Coffee is a staple in offices and in even at home. Working for long hours can make the employees feel like sleeping and they need some energy push to get them up to speed with their work. Providing your staff with coffee will be much appreciated. You can either get an expensive and top-of-the-line coffee machine in UAE to give the employee the finest-tasting coffee that would help them stay awake throughout the day.

  1. Snack rack

Coffee is considered a staple, but the employee would also need to eat something to power their minds. Providing snacks would definitely make them revitalize their mind. Putting a snack rack in the pantry would help. But it would be best if you pick healthy snacks, rather than opting for junk and unhealthy choices. You must also keep in mind your employees’ well-being when remodeling the pantry.

  1. Kitchen appliances

There are instances where some employees would bring their own food or cook their own meals in the office. Be sure to cater to the needs of these employees. Putting simple and useful kitchen and cooking appliances. But it would be best to put an exhaust fan inside the kitchen to prevent the smoke and the smell of cooked food from lingering in the kitchen. This might irk some of the employees.

  1. Cleaning supplies

Of course, employees also do have a responsibility to keep the pantry clean. Provide them with the necessary cleaning materials they can use to ensure that the space is clean at all times. It doesn’t have to be the industrial-grade equipment for cleaning. A simple ones that used at homes will do.

  1. Comfortable furnishings

As mentioned, the employees use the pantry to enjoy their food. You need to ensure that they feel comfortable using the space by providing comfortable furniture and ergonomic seating. When they are eating comfortably, they can make the most out of their time in the pantry.