May 29, 2024

5 Ways To Help Your Toddlers Sleep Better

2 min read

Your toddlers need all the help they can get so they can grow healthy and well, and that includes a complete, good night’s sleep. However, for these rowdy tots, sleep is nothing but a nuisance. A number of parents expressed frustration about how hard it is to put their kids to sleep.


If you are one of those parents, here are some tips to help you get your little ones a good night’s sleep and help them achieve a complete snooze:


  1. Avoid sweets


We all know that sweets can cause a kid to be hyper and active. As much as possible, avoid giving your kids sugary treats before bedtime. Also, do not let them eat big meals an hour before their scheduled sleep. This would make them more active as they would try to burn the excess calories from their food intake. Experts advise to eat in moderation before meal time.


  1. Create a routine


A routine-less bedtime would mean that everything is possible, including not sleeping. Kids would think that they are allowed to do anything but sleep. Condition their mind by creating a sleeping routine that would give them the cue that it is time to sleep. The No Lights rule is one great example of this routine. Once the time for sleeping is set, parents will turn off the lights, signaling the kids to sleep.


  1. Make them comfortable


One of the reasons why some kids find it hard to sleep is because they don’t feel comfortable in their own bed. Help them sleep better by providing the best latex mattress in Dubai for them to sleep. Having the right bed and mattress will encourage them to sleep early and sleep through the night. Be sure to pick the right softness and firmness for your kid. It would be best if you can include them in your mattress shopping.


  1. No to stimulating activities


Stimulating activities like playing and using gadgets should be a big NO two hours during bedtime. Doing something aside from lulling them to sleep would make them lose interest in sleeping and would divert their attention.


  1. Be firm


Children and toddlers will do everything to get out of sleeping time, including tricking adults to yield to their wills. Be firm and consistent about this. If your kid ask you to read them one more story, gently turn them down. This would give them an idea that you are firm with this task and they should follow.


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