September 18, 2021

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Questions You Should Expect From Your Interior Design Consultants

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Designing a space is not just about what the interior decorator wants. Most often than not, the client plays a big role in every design phase. A project would not proceed unless the client says so. But for the most part, the client are always taking cue from their interior design consultants in Dubai.


The interior designer, on the other hand, would be responsible for getting insights from their clients so they would have an idea about preference of their clients, in terms of the look of the space. If you have an upcoming meeting with your interior design consultant, you should anticipate the following questions:


  1. What you love and hate in a space?


Two of the things that an excellent interior designer would ask is your preference and dislikes in a space. The interior designer always take into account what their clients want to see in the space and also avoid things that might tick them off. Be sure to take note of these factors. It would be best if you can provide an explanation behind these preferences so the consultant would have a better understanding of your design inclinations.


  1. Do you have a theme in mind?


Most of the time, clients come to consultants with a theme in mind. These clients probably did initial research from interior design magazines and sites. It would be best if you can show them a couple of themes that you like. This would give them a visual reference of how you want the space to look like. Try to show them a couple of samples for a single theme.


  1. What is the function of this room?


This question is necessary since the designer would need to create a design that would address the needs of the users. Aside from the obvious function based on the type of room, be sure to list down several functionalities that you want to include so they can take note and see if this is feasible. You might also want to mention special requests that need to be considered.


  1. What colors do you have in mind?


Although the theme comes with colors, the interior designer would still ask you for your preference color scheme. Most clients want to incorporate specific hues to their selected themes for a lot of reasons (e.g. superstition, favorite color, etc.). If you have a color request, be sure to relay this to the designer beforehand.


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