February 8, 2023

Things you should say to a birthday person that can change their life

2 min read

Birthdays are usually a very happy moment for one’s life. They grow up another year, receive loads of gifts, and reflect back to the memories of their life time. For some people, birthdays bring a sense of achievement while for others they still keep checking their bucket list. It is the responsibility of people that attend birthdays to express their joy and happiness in others by telling them these few things that they should hear to change their life – or at least upcoming year.

  • Little things don’t matter

It’s important to remind people that the little things don’t hold their power on them. Birthdays are about enjoying the life to the fullest and not sulking down about the gift that your friend didn’t receive on their birthday. Because this all doesn’t matter, it’s the big things in life that should hold power upon emotions. Your birthday girl may be upset about twinning the dress with a rival and it is your responsibility to remind them that the spotlight still remains on the birthday girl and the customized cake from online cake shop in Dubai, no matter how much someone else tries to steal it away.

  • Keep going, you’ll get there soon

For some people birthdays are a triggering reminder of the time that they have wasted and what future holds for them might not be what they initially planned it to be. Well, all you are supposed to say to that person on their birthday is ‘hang on, you’re almost there. Things may seem like they’re going down the wrong path but that’s just the way of life to skirt you to the finish line from another route that no one knew about.’ You may not know what the person is struggling for, but these words will surely leave an impact, giving them enough strength in themselves to keep struggling.

  • Your cake is exactly like you. Sweet and fruity.

Did you know that a positive comment on someone’s birthday cake is a gesture of well being and wishing goodness? Well, you know that now. Birthday cakes are supposed to represent the character and attributes of a person through its colour and flavours. Commenting on customized or kids birthday cake Dubai is the best way to pass off a positive comment in disguise as cake.