August 17, 2022

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What Would You Prefer? Sell Brake Pads or EBC Brake Pads?

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A great car always has all the basic ingredients of keeping its driver safe. Especially when it comes to the braking system, the EBC and Hawk Performance are the two biggest names in manufacturing of the car brake parts. Having a superior brakes system in your car always gives you the confidence to stop your car whenever and wherever you have to. The people who love to enjoy such a confidence during their driving experience always love these two big names. Finding an EBC brakes dealer is not a tough task since you can always find it in your vicinity.


The EBC manufactures brake cushions, rotors, and liquid for some of the best cars in the world. Moreover, it also makes brakes essentials for the other SUVs, bikes, trucks, autos, bikes, and other vehicles. The company is stationed in the United Kingdom and is in the industry since 1978. The top brakes brand manufactures an assortment of brake cushions from mellow to wild.


  • EBC Ultimax brake cushions are a semi-metallic compound offering an enhanced coefficient of grating over your stock brake cushions while keeping up a tranquil, unsurprising brake feel.
  • EBC Green Stuff brake cushions are the section-level execution brake cushion. They are more than ideal for heavier rides or passenger vehicles that do twofold obligation autocross sessions. Great introductory chomp gives an amazing brake feel while keeping dust and clamor to a base.
  • EBC Red Stuff brake cushions are a fired aggravate that offers a high coefficient of grinding for great beginning cushion chomp. An awesome cushion for energetic drivers who appreciate late braking. Because of the clay compound, you can expect less tidy from these brake cushions than from the Green Stuff cushions.
  • EBC Yellow Stuff brake cushions are not incredible for driving in the city, but rather ideal for overwhelming track utilization. The measure of grinding this cushion conveys is immense, increasing your forward G’s by as much as .2 (that is a ton!). You can expect tidiness with this cushion, so in the event that you purchase the Yellow Stuff, make a point to get some wheel cleaner as well.
  • EBC Green Supreme brake cushions were made for trucks and SUVs that request better ceasing execution without an expansion in commotion or tidy.
  • Peddle Performance is a division of Wellman Products Group, which likewise claims Power Slot. While Power Slot makes all the brake rotors, Hawk makes all the brake cushions.


You can always make sure to guard against any chances or risks or sudden fire-related calamity by keeping the  h&r wheel spacers in your vehicles.