February 8, 2023

What Is Concrete Cutting?

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Concrete cutting is basically the process that is focused on the overall removal, wreckage and even knocking down of any given building or even just simply concrete walls or grounds.

Further Information About It

There are many different methods and tools that are used for the world-famous concrete cutting process. Here is a bit of information pertaining to them.

Earlier, saws were used to wreck concrete or asphalt (used for flooring, surfacing roads, roofing). But this method was soon dropped as it was experienced causing so mess and dirt. After that we can look here up to new and advanced machineries with vacuum to capture dust were used for the process. The most common methods for the work of demolishing are discussed below:

  • Wire sawing is one the widest methods used in commercial concrete cutting made with wires. It is used for larger cutting jobs.
  • Core drilling is method that is used to make small openings such as for pipes or vents by drilling circular holes.
  • Concrete wall sawing is the method used to cut walls between some particular’s distances
  • Flat sawing also known as slab sawing, this specific technique is utilized to get to broken pipes or wiring underneath a solid floor. It’s additionally used to fix an interstate street or cut pipes channels.
  • Diamond sawing is the most modern and précised method to use for. They create less noise or vibration. Are more preferred, and are also many used by contractors in their various projects time to time.

Other Methods For The Work

Besides these different types of saws heavy machineries are also used for concrete cutting, which are with abrasive wheels and diamond blade. That is a small piece of diamond is added the tip, which is sharp enough to make cuts.

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